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e4life personal is the portable device that generates a Life Cloud that neutralises viruses in the air around you with over 90% effectiveness. It is small, light, and you can put it in your pocket or purse and it protects you from viruses while you are on the move. It has a small but technologically advanced processor that generates microwaves with a perfectly calibrated frequency to destroy the outer membrane of respiratory viruses. You activate it with a click and it recharges from a common USB-C socket.

It is ideal for accompanying you on public transport, to the gym, the office, the cinema, the theatre, concerts and in general in crowded places where you are most likely to contract airborne viruses.

CE and SAR certified

Our certifications also include the sale of the devices in other countries, such as: Egypt, UAE, KSA, Japan, Singapore, Australia.


8,5×8.5×2,2 cm


Up to 3 m


8 hours


100 gr


Portable (neck, belt, pocket)(al collo, alla cintura, in tasca)


e4life personal


Portable version including

  • Clip
  • Neck strap


  • ABS material
  • Button with light-guided ringe
  • Digital mixed technology processing board RF with moulded antenna
  • Battery
  • 1 metre USB – USB-C charging cable


85 mm x 85 mm, width 22 mm


Approx. 100 g

Area di copertura

Inactivates viruses up to 3 metres from the carrier

e assorbimenti elettrici

  • Wired, connection to external power source
    (220-230VAC) via USB power adapter (not supplied)
  • Internal battery with approximately 8 hours battery
    life and 2 hours recharge time


  • Standard USB-C type interface for both power and data
  • Bluetooth wireless interface


  • Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences, State University of Milan.
  • Campus Bio-Medical University of Rome
  • Virostatics
  • Scientific Department of the Celio Military Hospital

Over 90% efficacy


  • European Commission Joint Research Centre
  • Campus Bio-Medical University of Rome
  • Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences, State University of Milan.

Real-time action

Using electromagnetic waves that spread at the speed of light

Scientifically tested

Tests carried out in collaboration with Policlinico Militare Celio and the Virostatics research laboratory

Certified Reliability and Safety

It is a certified product.

Absolutely safe for humans and animals.

Does not impact the environment with chemicals. Does not require evacuation or room ventilation

Comfortable and versatile

Adapts to any environment.

Does not require maintenance and does not use filters to be disposed of or cleaned.

Made in Italy

Developed by the ELT Group, a world leader in the electronic defence sector for more than 70 years. Unique technology. Italian research and production.

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