Designed to protect you in any space and accompany you wherever you go.

e4you e e4ambient

Always with you

It is small, portable and elegant thanks to the design by Architect Citterio. It creates a cloud of safety (life cloud) that protects you wherever you go, almost instantly sanitising the area around you with over 90% effectiveness.

It features a technologically advanced processor capable of precisely managing the emitted electromagnetic field, time and battery status. You activate it with a click and it recharges from a standard USB-C socket.

Ideal for accompanying you everywhere.
CE and SAR certified.



8,5×8.5×2,2 cm


Up to 3 m


8 hours


100 gr


Portable (neck, belt, pocket)

Your spaces in safety

It is designed to be installed in closed or open spaces. Each unit is able to inactivate viruses with an effectiveness of more than 90 % in an area of approximately 50 m2 within which we can live or work peacefully (life cloud).

Ideal for meeting rooms, offices, public places/venues or homes, it can be used individually or in series to protect larger spaces. It does not require the removal of people or ventilation of the environment because it acts through an electromagnetic field that is totally harmless to humans and animals.

It can be installed without masonry work on the wall (at a preferable height of 2m to maximise its effectiveness) or on the ceiling, using a special support. It can be removed and moved around your home or office as you please by placing it on a piece of furniture, a desk or a bookcase, as it is equipped with a battery that recharges with a common USB-C socket and guarantees an autonomy of 4 hours.

 The e4life technical department is available to design customised solutions for specific needs such as public spaces, industries and large venues.

CE certified.



15x15x2,5 cm


Up to 50 square metres (customisable)


4 hours


300 gr


Wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted (removable), placed wherever you want

Contact our technicians to develop a customised solution


The conception of a “communicative” object

Antonio Citterio is one of the most influential architects and designers on the contemporary scene: he is one of the main architects of the affirmation of modern Made in Italy in the world and his creations are exhibited in the most important design museums in the world, such as the MoMA in New York, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, and the Museum of Architecture & Design in Chicago.

When I was asked to contribute to the design of the products in the e4life line, I immediately thought that a very clear, direct sign would have to be established for these objects: their design would have to make their usefulness immediately comprehensible, and those who would interact with the devices would have to understand their operation without difficulty.

So I focused on the design of a ‘communicative’ object, intersecting product design and visual communication. I wanted the product itself to communicate its function and purpose intuitively and effectively, without the need for additional explanation. I believe that the first two versions of e4life, e4ambient and e4you, are objects that communicate clearly and effectively with users.”

Arch. Citterio – architect

Your device always-on!

Download the e4life App for your system Android/iOS Apple.
It will allow you to have your device up-to-date and ready to defend against new pathogens.

Indeed, thanks to our ongoing scientific research, the devices will increase the number and type of pathogens they are able to inactivate.

  • Regular updates for an always optimised device.
  • Management of one or more devices simultaneously.
  • User-friendly control panel with a simple and intuitive interface.

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