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ELT Group and Lendlease are two international excellences united for one goal: to fight respiratory viruses and ensure people have a safe social life.

The relationship was born in the context of MIND, the urban district created by Lendlease on the outskirts of Milan as a place for public and private companies, business accelerators, innovative offices and places for creativity to meet and share. ELT Group and Lendlease sharing the same values on the use of technology to support human well-being, decided to join forces by forming e4life to develop and commercialize devices based on the innovative e4shield technologytm , thus revolutionizing the biodefense sector.

ELT Group is an Italian group led by:

1) research and innovation;

2) excellence;

3) people.

For more than 70 years a world leader in Electronic Defense systems present in 11 countries on 4 continents with headquarters in Italy.

Lendlease is a multinational company with a strong focus on innovation and sustainability.
It is an Australian company, a global player in major urban regeneration works.
He has created projects such as the World Trade Center in New York, the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, and Elephant Park in London. In Italy he created MIND in the Milan area of the expo.

e4life has two locations in Italy.
It is present in the MIND ecosystem, Milano Innovation District, the urban district considered the platform for innovation in northern Italy. A unique hub in Europe full of public interest excellence such as Human Technopole, IRCCS Ospedale Galeazzi, Fondazione Triulza and the University of Milan Science Campus.
This is because e4life believes in the value of shared research.
The company also has a Rome office within ELT Group’s facilities to take advantage of synergies with the parent company in terms of technology and science

  • The technology is called e4shieldtm and is based on the action of electromagnetic waves, harmless to humans and animals, that inactivate viral particles in bioareosols (which includes droplets down to 10 microns).
    A virus is a microorganism with an internal positive charge and an external negative charge distributed over its surface.
    When the virus interacts with an oscillating electromagnetic field of appropriate frequency and intensity, its physical structure is deformed until its capsid is destroyed.
    In this way the virus is inactivated.

It is designed to be installed in enclosed or open spaces. Each unit can inactivate viruses with more than 90% effectiveness and sanitize an area of about 50sqm within which we can live or work peacefully (life cloud). Ideal for meeting rooms, offices, public places or homes it can be used individually or put in series to protect larger spaces.  It is installed without masonry work on the wall (at a preferable height of 2m to maximize its effectiveness) or on the ceiling, through a special stand. It can be removed and moved around your home or office as you please by placing it on a piece of furniture, or a bookshelf being equipped with a battery that recharges with a common USB-C outlet and provides a battery life of 4 hours.

It is small, portable and stylish thanks to the design by architect Citterio. It creates a cloud of safety (life cloud) that protects you wherever you go, almost instantly sanitizing the area around you with more than 90% effectiveness. Ideal for accompanying you everywhere.

The revolutionary technology of e4life devices creates a virus-protected area where you can breathe in absolute safety.
The life cloud is instantly activated when the device is turned on and spreads around you and in the environment, protecting you.

  • Technology is not harmful to either humans or animals.
  • The e4life devices obtained the CE declaration of conformity in March 2022 at the TUV SUD Italia qualified laboratories in Volpiano (TO).
  • The e4you device has SAR certification. This ensures that a radio wave device can be kept in contact with the body (worn) while remaining within the limits set by regulations for the protection of human health.

For more information you can see all the scientific studies in the TECHNOLOGY section of our website

  • The journal Nature and other prestigious scientific publications refer to the ability of electromagnetic waves to inactivate the viral charge, destroying the structure of the virus.
  • The tests were carried out first with real virus in in vitro solution, then again with real virus in aerosol. The tests were carried out with emissions compatible with human presence, confirming 90% virus inactivation.
  • Validity concerns the Wuhan, Delta and Omicron variants of Covid-19 and H1N1 (influenza virus).

Scientific studies are published in the TECHNOLOGY section of our website

Laboratory tests were carried out with real viruses of the Wuhan, Delta and Omicron variants
and with the influenza virus (H1N1) achieving similar results (inactivation of about 90% of viruses)

To date, it has been shown to be effective against SARS-CoV-2 variants Wuhan, Delta and Omicron viruses
and against the influenza virus (H1N1) achieving similar results (inactivation of about 90 percent of viruses)

  • The physical principle makes its application to other types of viruses and pathogens plausible.
  • A new Coronavirus visits us every 10 years, a new flu virus every year, a new cold virus also every month.
  • In the future, systems will be upgraded, changing the frequency and waveform of the radiated electromagnetic signal to eliminate other types of viruses.

It is a future development that e4life is currently working on with the Biomedical Campus in Rome. The physical principle bodes well because bacteria are also bodies with cavities that resonate under the effect of electromagnetic waves.

Yes, an international patent has been filed for invention at the industrial level.

No, because it does not interact with the human body, it is not curative. It only interacts with the external environment, which is why it can be used in any environment including health care environments.

From the time it is turned on, the system immediately begins its sanitizing activity. Within a minute it completes the first cycle, which it then repeats continuously while in operation.

The system has been tested by several public and private institutes that have enabled its development and optimization and demonstrated its effectiveness. Existing scientific publications are further proof of the validity and effectiveness of the technology.
You can view all scientific documentation in the technology area of the company website.

The technology has been tested in higher concentrations of viruses than those in the environment and is guaranteed to mitigate the risk.

Yes. The devices are already installed in multiple facilities. Currently, environments such as offices, airports, medical facilities and hospitals are sanitized.

To date, we have not pointed out any contraindications in using the devices. The fact that it has obtained CE certification makes them compatible with all other certified equipment.

Certainly, it can coexist with the presence of humans and animals safely, without the need to evacuate environments.
It is one of its strengths.


It depends on the type of device.

e4ambient, the device designed to sanitize environments, to date covers an area of 50sqm. The device however is scalable and modular: In case of larger environments, ad hoc versions can be built.

For those with special needs (e.g., cinemas, theaters, large spaces, densely populated places etc.), ad hoc projects can be made. For any information you can send an email to

The e4you device, designed to be portable and wearable, creates a sanitized area (Life Cloud) 3m in diameter around the person.

The effect is degraded as one moves away from the source of irradiation

  • The effectiveness of e4shield can be measured in seconds versus minutes or hours used by other technologies. Electromagnetic waves spread instantaneously;
  • It can also be activated when people are present in the room while other systems require evacuation. There is no need to recirculate the air
  • It requires no masonry work or installation of bulky equipment;
  • It is very flexible. It can be installed even on small-sized devices. In fact, it is also available in a personal version (e4you), which is portable and wearable. So you can create a sanitized area (life cloud) that is always with you
  • It is constantly evolving. In the future it will be able to inactivate new viruses, and its effectiveness on bacteria and other pathogens is also being studied
  • It is remotely upgradeable through a dedicated app. This allows devices that mount e4shield technology to be able to increase the range of inactivatable viruses over time and thus reduce the risk of becoming obsolete;
  • It is part of a broader prospective project of federated technologies that will form the prerequisites of a standard for secure environments. 

Effectiveness is independent of the number of people present.

Devices continue to function without any problems

The devices have are CE certified and are fully compatible with all home devices such as cell phones, Wi-Fi modems/routers, home appliances, etc


All major Credit/Debit cards are accepted for purchases on our eCommerce

For companies or professionals with special payment requirements, an email can be sent to


You can request assistance by filling out the form here or by calling 06 871 550 38

The device has a 2-year warranty and covers manufacturing defects.

Currently only in our online store.

For those with special needs (e.g., cinemas, theaters, large spaces, densely populated places etc.), ad hoc projects can be made. For any information you can send an email to

The e4life Application is present for the Android and Apple iOS systems.

It will allow you to have your device up-to-date and ready to defend against new pathogens.

In fact, thanks to e4life’s ongoing scientific research, the devices will expand the number

and the type of pathogens they are able to inactivate.

Other benefits:

• Periodic updates for a consistently optimized device.

• Management of one or more devices simultaneously.

• Control panel, easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface.

After you have entered your information and given confirmation, you will receive an email on the address you provided. The email will allow you to complete your registration. If you do not receive it, check the SPAM box.

E4life refers to the Consumer Code, art.52 et seq. of Legislative Decree 206 of 2005, which allows the right of withdrawal to be exercised within 14 days of the order or delivery.

For the modalities Just go to the website at or by sending any other explicit communication of the decision to withdraw through one of the following channels:

  • e-mail to;
  • PEC at;
  • registered mail with return receipt to the following address: Milan, Via di Santa Sofia 18, 20122;
  • by calling +39 06 87155038.

Feel free to call +39 06 871 550 38 or email

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